Monday, September 21, 2009

Something's missing.....'s Tommy's tooth! He discovered it was wiggly at dinner when he was trying to eat. He kept running into the bathroom and said, "My tooth is not feeling good!" I checked it out and we discovered that it was loose. He kept working on it until it came out right before bedtime! Then, we had to make a decision: do we save the tooth for show and tell on Wednesday or trade it in for the dollar and take that to show and tell? He opted for the dollar.
I laugh at some of my other friends when they say the tooth fairy at their house is a little bit forgetful. We have the same problem here! Becca lost a tooth yesterday and that tooth fairy didn't show up until the next morning when the girls were getting ready for school. I think we should petition the tooth fairy and explain that we'd like her to be a little more prompt and efficient!


Lindsay said...

That is cute. Parker can't wait to lose his first tooth. I remember being awake one time when the tooth fairy came, but I pretended to be asleep. Sometimes the tooth fairy is late:)

Alli said...

:) I love those pics.... there are cute!!!