Thursday, November 12, 2009

Beautiful November and great big planes

The last week in October was snowy, the first week in November- we were playing in the sand! The kids had a day off last week, so we went to the park just to play.

We also went to the Air Force Museum (love it, because it's free!) and saw some really big (and some really small and some in between) planes! We even got special permission to go inside one:

This is the biggest of the big planes, the wheels were taller than my kids!

This video is nothing spectacular, it's just all about SILLY!


Shelley said...

This weather has been nice! We may have to plan a trip up to the AF Museum...the boys would love it!

jim said...

I'm enjoying these pictures with Aunt Julie, looks so fun! Were you on the "jump seats"?

Lindsay said...

We love that museum. It is fun and free which is a great combination! We have to enjoy this nice weather while it lasts. I hope Tommy gets feeling better soon.

Alli said...

Those are awesome... that was fun!! :)