Sunday, February 21, 2010

...and I will pour you out a blessing....

So, I wanted to share with all of you some of the amazing blessings that the Lord keeps pouring into our lives! We just finished our 4th month of living on our food storage, and our cupboards and shelves have never been fuller. We have truly been blessed in a remarkable way.

I know now that the Spirit was driving my decisions and my actions last September. That's when I started using coupons and looking for bargains. I was VERY driven to restock our 3-month supply of foods and pretty much turned it into a full time job. When we found out that John would lose his job on October 20, I knew why I did what I did the month before.

Anyhow, we had to slow way down on what we were able to buy for our family, but I still kept an eye out for super cheap and FREE things to add to our storage. I eventually figured out a way to print coupons online for free. Then, the store around the corner started their new policy of doubling coupons, so I was able to turn around and use those coupons to get FREE food! I wanted to post these videos (they are from my private 'Savvy Sister' blog) because when I reviewed them, all I could think was "Manna from Heaven!" I am so grateful for Heavenly Father's blessings in our lives and for always providing the things that we need.

I have more to say about all this, as some really wonderful things are happening- but I'll know more later this week, so I'll post them later!

This could also be titled, "How to stock your freezer for next to nothing!" I am really picky about the deals I get and I've been able to fill my freezer with lots of things for rock bottom prices! I want to show you what some of the possibilites are with these short videos.

P.S. I didn't pull out the ugly freezer stuff- frozen meatloaf and hamburger. I like to brown a whole pack of hamburger at once, and even add in some boiled wheat to make it stretch further. I'll freeze two cups at a time in a bag and whalaa! Instant meat ready for a recipe: tacos, spaghetti, sloppy joes.

Also, the cranberries for 25 cents each (!) were bought at Carl's Super Saver in Ogden. It's a little bit of a "dodgey" store, but wow- what deals! This was the same place that I bought the applesauce cups for 10 cents each. The cranberries were on sale 4/$1 right after Christmas. You can freeze cranberries for a YEAR, so I bought 12 bags! I'll use them throughout the year for cranberry salsa, an awesome cranberry cake recipe that my friend Rekehl recommends, and for homemade cranberry sauce whenever we have turkey- yum!


Shelley said...

That's great Heather! I cannot even begin to tell you how JEALOUS I am of that double coupon grocery store. If they ever open one up down here, I will be in heaven. I can get good deals, but not like you!

So how do you print your coupons for free? I refill my ink really cheap and let my boys use the extra paper for coloring, but it still is not free!

Jill Collier said...

That is so great Heather! It always amazes me how we are so blessed when we try to listen to and act on promptings. I hope school is going well for John!

Jenni said...

Heather, you amaze me! I have LOVED your blog! I find myself checking it several times a day, just to see what new things you may have posted. The Lord's tender mercies are so awesome. I'm so glad you have been able to do all of this. I admire you and want to really get into this also!!!

Mary said...

You amaze us all Heather (-: You are such a go-getter, I've always been so impressed with that! I pretend to dabble in the couponing, but have a long ways to go to catch up with you. Thanks so much for sharing! You're in our prayers.

Rose Atwater said...

What an awesome testimony! And thank you for having my blog on your list!