Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Mini Mission Reunion

I got treated to a SUPER fun night with some ladies from my mission! All of us in the picture served missions in the London South Mission. Ironically, I never was companions with any of these ladies! Anyhow, we are all friends and the brunette on the right is from the Netherlands and came to Utah for General Conference with her family. We got to meet her cute kids and I asked them how they liked America? I forgot that they don't speak English and their Dad translated for them. They said, 'Yes', of course!

It was so much fun to meet up with old friends. The other blonde lives in Farmington and is a Relief Society President. She is such an amazing friend, and very in tune with the Spirit! I told her I couldn't come to the dinner, but then she offered to pay for my dinner in exchange for some coupons! I'm so grateful to her. She acted really excited about the coupons so that made me feel good.

Between us we have 15 children, we are all happily married and active in the church, Maureen (the red-head) is from England, but married an Elder from our mission and now lives in Farmington. Two of these ladies have also lost their mothers to cancer.... we had a lot of catching up to do, we haven't gotten together for 15 years! I thought it was hilarious that they chose a pub to have dinner at! There's no more suitable place for a bunch of London missionaries, right?

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Lindsay said...

Oh, that is so neat. How fun to get a chance to catch up with a great group of gals:)