Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Dear Daddy,

We've missed you so! (Especially when you're gone for a birthday & an anniversary!) While you've been gone... we had just a little bit of fun. All three kids performed in the 3 Nephi pageant.

This is what your son looks like with makeup on!

This is where your daughter picks up a fake rock to use for hitting Timothy on the head.

Meanwhile... Tommy and Becca were sweet little Nephite children.

Their annual picture with Jesus!

Then we headed for Marysvale and Tommy had a dream come true when a nice cousin offered his little dune buggy to ride in! He got to go twice!

Becca also got a ride- Allison was too busy building a dam in the river and playing lifeguard with Abbi and a bunch of 3rd cousins.

Look at this little hawk hanging around Mom and Dad's place! It even landed on the car and Becca was sure to get pictures.

This is where I grew up!

We headed for the Piute Reservoir, but not before we tracked down these marshmallows. We called my Dad the "Marshmallow Hero" because he turned the car around when he saw the delivery pull up to the store when we were leaving. He even helped them unload the marshmallows!

We would have missed out on this without those marshmallows...

We then skipped down to St. George to see this little princess! Our newest little niece and cousin, Zoe!

We also checked out the new Blackwell pad in St. George!

Enjoying the water and the red rocks!

The birthday boy and girl!

The sweet mom of the the sweet little girl.

Back to Draper to celebrate the birthday again!

Rebecca ordered Hawaiian Haystacks for her birthday dinner!

New clothes for the birthday girl! (Do you like her crown?)

She's 10! Time for the traditional piercing of the ears!

Ahhhh... it didn't feel good! She was regretting it at this point.

She made up for the pain and suffering by buying these pink, fluffy, polka dot, flip-flop slippers with pom-poms, bows & metal peace sign charm. What a girly girl indeed!

Ahhh! Feeling better already!

The girls received some new jammies tonight from a favorite family of ours up here and they had some fun with the camera! (Oh, do you like Tommy's new haircut? We went super short!)

We're all packed and ready to go, Dad! We love you and can't wait to see you tonight! (Yes, I'm sure they'll be up THAT late.)


Melissa said...

Love all the pictures. Can't believe you're moving so far away. We'll miss you!

Josh said...

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