Saturday, November 5, 2011

The "Spookapalooza"!

On Friday, October 28, my family and I went to the "Spookapalooza" at the South Towne Expo in South Jordan! There was many activities to do there, including bounce houses, laser tag, a rope course, and other fun activities. Even though a lot of it was booths with people trying to sell you things, we had a wonderful time there, and we even went through a "Spook Alley", where we got many free coupons with great deals on activities and fast food! (My mom loves coupons, it was great!)
Here I am posing with Harry and Hermione (personally I like smiling for cameras instead of a serious face... oh, well...:))
Even though this picture is fuzzy, it shows how hilarious it was to watch Becca and Tommy slide down the bounce houses!
Us kids planning our strategy. ;)
Dad by R2D2. Looks pretty 3D, right?
Then we went to pay laser tag! Tommy had a blast!
Here we are waiting in line for the rope course, and the little guy with the balloon lightsaber!
There goes Becca the zombie! :)
Next goes Tommy!
There I am, carefully climbing up.....
At the end of the course!
Poor Tommy was crying and clinging on to me at the very end; you had to jump off from 16 feet off the ground and slowly fall down, because you we hooked on to a pulley. But Tommy thought it was a free fall, so he was very scared. Poor little guy. Finally the lady up there helping us just grabbed Tommy and let him go in mid-air because he was taking so long. (He was OK once he found you didn't just fall off.) :)
We had lots of fun at the "Spookapalooza"! Whoo-hoo!

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Mary said...

Fun day! Thanks for sharing!!