Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas Shows

I decided that this blog will never really be "caught up"- so we'll just start where we are!

I've been asked to play the piano a lot at church for various musical arrangements, programs, etc. So much so that my family (especially John) begged me to say "no" when people asked again. Learning a new song and getting it to performance level takes a lot of time! But, when this opportunity came up, they told me to say "yes"! It was my first paid piano gig, yes- I was actually paid to play 4 Christmas songs at a Santa show downtown for a work party. They even threw in free dinner for John and I + a Free night at the Marriott!

My biggest fan took a few photos for me and I begged him not to take pictures like he did at my Utah State University graduation... for those of you that remember that way back when!

(Mine is the teeny tiny head at the piano.)

Allison also had a show at her school. Her Musical Theater class performed songs from lots of Broadway shows, so Allison was really in her element.

She had a big fan club of friends show up on the front row with signs and everything. They were making a little too much noise and were asked to move. They sat in the back and continued to yell Allison's name throughout the show. It was so nice to have her friends be excited for her!

Her Grandma & Grandpa Ryan plus Great-Grandma Plewe were able to come to the show, too- but I'm not sure why we didn't get a picture other than we were having camera issues + Thomas was trying to escape for some reason. Sorry, Grandma & Grandpa- thanks so much for coming to the show!

And just so Becca and Thomas don't feel left out.... (who knows when I can post again...) here they are waving to Santa on the firetruck that came through our neighborhood. Thomas likes to remind us that "Santa said I'm on the nice list." Hmmm... we'll see! ;)


Shelley said...

What an awesome payday for playing 4 songs!

Grama said...

Love the pictures, enjoyed Allison's concert, good job!