Monday, June 11, 2012

Rebecca and the King Tut Coffin

Fantastic Rebecca was asked by her class to make a 'King Tut coffin' for their end of year unit on Egypt. This girl can make anything out of cardboard, paper, and markers!
After a couple of hours in the basement, this is what the result was.... When she took it to school, the other kids in the class asked her teacher where she bought it. (!) She also had times earlier in the year where kids were paying her make drawings for them. I told her she's a professional artist now, if she's getting paid for her work. :)
Here's what was inside!! (Creepy)


Shelley said...

Carson just finished writing a whole book by himself on Ancient Egypt. It was so cute and he worked so hard on it. I will have to show him this creation!

Heather said...

That's awesome, thanks!

Caleb said...

That is very good. She really does a nice job.