Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Men and women are....

....that they might have joy.

A few weeks ago, our lesson in Relief Society was on "The Why of the Gospel" from President Uchtdorf's address to the sisters of the church.

This made me think again of the scripture I have been pondering lately. "Men are that they might have joy." Lately I've been thinking, "That's it?! That's really the whole reason for pretty much... everything?"

The short answer is "yes"- it truly is! We are that we might have joy. Joy even though things are not perfect. Joy even when the people around you are not perfect (and neither am I...). Joy- even during the hard times when it seems like everything is falling apart. Joy because we chose the right and were protected from consequences.

The answer to my "why of the gospel" was just that and was burning in my heart but I didn't have the chance to comment. :)

So, our bishop asked me to be a Relief Society instructor last week so I'll be able to share (almost) every comment burning in my heart in the future. :) :)

Just for fun.... Thomas writing down Lego prices at Walmart.

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Marianne said...

You'll be such a great teacher!