Sunday, November 4, 2012

Nov. 4- Setting apart as RS President

November 4, 2012 I was set apart as the Relief Society President today in the Highlands 2nd Ward. I feel overwhelmed, but very very blessed that the Lord wants me to serve in this calling. The bishop issued the call last week after our ward boundaries were realigned. My business and blog were sold to a new owner on Thursday, so it is clear what the Lord wants me to spend my time on now. :)

My setting apart blessing was wonderful. The bishop blessed me to be the wife and mother I need to be, to pour out my heart to the Lord so that he can bless me and our family with the things we need. He also blessed me to have an added measure of love for the sisters of the ward. And that my health and strength will be what it needs to be in order to serve in this capacity. (Yeah!) The bishop also blessed me to be a leader and to help the sisters realize that there are consequences for their actions and that they will learn that they will always be the happiest when they follow the principles of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

 My counselors blessings were sweet as well- Sister Wright was told that she has been prepared for this calling for a long, long time. Sister Stoner was set apart by her husband, she was told that this is where Heavenly Father wants her to be at this time. (Which is completely true... I couldn't get her name out of my mind when thinking of a new counselor!) She was also told that the Lord knows of her willingness to serve anywhere and in any capacity she is called to serve in. I can tell I'm really going to love these ladies!

I'm feeling extremely blessed today, I have the best family and the best life. I know that I have been called upon to do hard things to give me experience and empathy for others experiencing hard times. I was also able to sell my blog this last week- can you believe the timing?! The Lord really was obvious with the timing on that big blessing, He constantly amazes me! I love Him the very most. :)

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