Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A few Tommy-isms (that we never want to forget)

"This is going to be so embarrassing, I have to use a band aid to hang this up."
(We were out of tape and he wanted to hang up his Ninjago Lego picture on his bedroom door.)

"I wish 'mouse' could write us a letter and let us know how it's going up there."
(Referring to his pet dwarf hamster who passed away last month.)

Thomas likes to "place orders" for his food lately.  He can be heard saying, "Can I have some turkey with a side of apple slices?" ...or "Granola with a side of orange juice."... or "Can I have another batch of oranges?"

"I had a nightmare last night. Santa was there and I was being naughty, so the reindeer were crying."
(For those that know Thomas well, you already know that Santa is a really, really BIG deal to Thomas.)

Another side note: a couple of weeks before Christmas, Thomas' obsession with Star Wars & Star Wars Legos came to an abrupt end after 3 years!  He now loves, draws, watches, and plays with Ninjago Legos- it's his new thing. :)


Caleb said...

Thomas and Jacob would get along well. Jacob loves all things legos, and ninjagos are right there.

Mary said...

Cute, so fun you wrote these down!