Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Spring & Summer in Southern Utah

So, in case you haven't heard... we moved to Marysvale!!  Perfect timing for many members of our family, my parents were needing someone to house sit for them... so here we are!  Above are Thomas and Becca riding a camel near Tuacahn on Spring Break.

Thomas and I went on the school field trip to hunt for trilobites!  He found like 100 of them!  Super cool.  I'm going to put them in a nice case... the only other place I've seen these is in museums.

Thomas and Becca are loving hanging out with my parents' cats: Peanut and Butter. :)

Big Rock!!

Our favorite raw no-bake cookies: coconut oil, olive oil, almond milk, dates, cocoa, carob powder, vanilla, oats.  Oh MAN!!  These are so good and we're addicted.  Hence, they get a spot on our blog today.

Thomas drew a LOT of Lego Batman pictures at school this year.....

Hiking at Zion NP for my birthday trip.

Hike just with Thomas.  He wrote a story about it when he got back to school.  The girls were at the temple with the Marysvale Ward YM/YW.

Mother's Day!!

I love this pose.... haha!  Thomas at Scout Day Camp.

Hiking to the 'M' in Marysvale.... I'd never been before!

More day camp activities!  I even got a turn on the zip line!

Swimming lessons

Hike to the falls in Marysvale with the YW.

Field trips galore!  Thomas is so lucky to be at such an amazing (and small) school.

Becca in the "baby seat" and zipline at Grandma and Grandpa's house.  What a riot!


Caleb said...

You are getting to do so many things. They really do have a great school and get to do so many things.

Heather said...

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