Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Our Family's Home Zytoscan!

Our family was offered an amazing service by Dr. Ken Taylor. If you remember, Dr. Taylor was the catalyst of the help we now seek out for Thomas. He administered the hair minerals test for Thomas in 2011, which showed his extreme aversion and sensitivity to wheat and wheat products. This one factor (taking wheat out of Thomas' diet) has probably done the most good for Thomas than anything else we have ever done for him! So, remember when we first took Thomas in for a zytoscan? This was in the spring of 2012, when Thomas was suffering from serious eczema symptoms. His first zytoscan helped to pinpoint the exact foods that were bothersome to Thomas. Many of these included dairy products and fruits. Earlier this summer, Dr. Taylor offered to send us an IN-HOME zytoscan service. How cool is this? The zytoscan hand cradle was shipped to our home and we downloaded some software to prepare for the zytoscan session with Dr. Taylor. We called Dr. Taylor's office to schedule a time for our WHOLE family to receive the zytoscan services.

 As you can see, the process is really simple. Thomas completed his while hanging out in his pajamas and watching a Lego movie! Dr. Taylor was available online during the scans for any questions. We could type in comments or questions to him through the Zyto scan software while the scan was being administered.


Here's my hand on the Zyto scan hand cradle. :) The Zyto scan also can tell which of your major organs may be stressed or out of balance. Yes, the Zyto scan can do so much more than scan for food sensitivities! The Zyto scan will use the information gathered from placing your hand on the cradle to scan food sensitivities and will look for any items in the environment that may be an irritant or stressor to you. The final result of each our Zyto scans gave us a printout of all the biomarkers out of place in our bodies and also gives suggested supplements or homeopathic remedies that will help to remedy these imbalances. For instance, these were my top three supplements suggestions in order to assist my body with rheumatism and arthritis:

 I do not yet feel the effects of these diseases, but I love that the Zyto scan can detect a problem before it is at a critical stage. Also, my husband's kidneys lit up on his Zyto scan- showing that they need the most care, attention, and accompanying kidney supplements right now. John used this information to start researching the foods that will benefit his kidneys. As another example, my liver showed up as the organ in the most need, which is something I had already suspected and have been treated for in the past. For the most part, our family enjoys good health and strength. This is the time to focus on our health! We don't want to wait until something goes seriously wrong! I love that this work is preventive in many ways. Here is also a look at the supplements that Thomas is adding to his repertoire: 

(FYI- Thomas was scanned for many more biomarkers than the rest of us were. That's why there's seems to be so many more out of place! As a result, he received a more in-depth review of his system and thus was asked to take quite a few more supplements.)

And here's a small snippet of the foods (in the negative numbers) that are bothersome to one of my daughters. When our Zyto scan was complete, we simply packed up the Zyto scan hand cradle and cord and sent it back to Dr. Taylor in Texas. When he received the list of supplements our family needed on his reports of the Zyto scan, we received this in the mail!

Keep in mind that this collection of supplements is for FIVE people. We were a little overwhelmed and it took me some time to sort through what belonged to whom. Fortunately, my daughter Rebecca helped me color code them all for each member of the family. We feel that we are all enjoying good health, Thomas included, but we love that the Zyto scan gives us a more in-depth look at other things we may not be aware of happening in our bodies. We also love that we can get this service completed in the comfort of our home! This is an amazing service that I'm sure we will utilize again and again. We are looking forward to being scanned again after we have been taking our supplements for a few months. In this way, we can monitor our progress and the helpfulness of the supplements that were prescribed.


Caralyn Wendling said...

My son and I had a Zyto scan done. Did the supplements help you? I am trying to avoid the foods in the negative range on his scan. Did you find avoiding the negative foods helped?

Heather said...

Yes, we felt the supplements helped. We had another zyto scan an done last September to update and now we're on an updated set of supplements. Avoiding negative foods helps, too. We're also working on some allergy elimination techniques I think you would find interesting. I'll post a link in the next comment.

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Caralyn Wendling said...

Thank you!!!