Wednesday, October 16, 2013

SUPER DUPER Coconut oil deal!

When we started to change Thomas' diet 2 years ago, we not only took away many staples that we were used to eating all the time, we also added many new foods that are mega-beneficial. Coconut oil is one of those foods.
Just a few benefits of coconut oil include:
1. Rich source of saturated fat. (aka "brain food")
2. Increases energy... burn more fat!
3. Fatty acids in coconut oil turn into ketones.
4. Improves blood pressure.
5. Provides natural sunscreen protection.
6. Can boost brain function in Alzheimer’s patients.
7. Reduces allergy symptoms.
8. Increases mental alertness.
Sources: Authority Nutrition and Wellness Mama
Coconut oil is just an overall amazing SUPERFOOD that no one should be without. When you visit the grocery store to purchase it, you may have a little bit of sticker shock when you see the price. That's why I wanted to share with you how to get the best deal possible on coconut oil.

Vitacost Free $10 credit coconut oil 

Just to compare, I usually pay $21.99 for a 78 oz. bottle of coconut oil at Costco. This online deal at will show you how to get two 54 oz. bottles of Extra Virgin Coconut Oil for $10.29 each. SUPER deal! Here's how to get yours:
1. Sign up for a new Vitacost account and get an automatic $10 off $30 purchase coupon.
2. Add 2 54 oz. Vitacost Extra Virgin Certified Organic Coconut Oil containers to your cart. Right now they're on sale for $16.99 each (at the time of posting...)
3. Choose the 'Set & Save' program to get an additional discount on the coconut oil products.
4. Use the $10 off coupon at checkout. (You will receive a special code when signing up and via email.) If you add on an extra low-cost Vitacost item like some $2.49-$2.99 supplements or some yummy cacoa products to get your order over $25, then you'll also get FREE shipping. (I always go for that!)
5. Check out and watch for your super deal on SUPER FOODS coming your way and on your doorstep!
6. Last, but not least... SHARE this deal with your friends. It's the BEST deal I've ever seen on coconut oil!
*If you already have a Vitacost account, you also have the option of using the coupon code BEVITA6 at checkout for $5 off $30 in Vitacost brand products. **Also be sure to change your Set & Save options after your order arrives unless you'd like regular shipments of coconut oil.

 Thanks to Utah Sweet Savings for sharing this awesome deal. :)

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