Monday, July 21, 2008

Float preview

Hey- this was really fun! I didn't even know they did this every year, but they have a "float preview" at the South Towne Expo Center before the parade and we went to check it out! Best of all, it's free. If you are able to make it, it's still going on tomorrow! (July 22) Here are my kids by "Noah's Ark."
This was Tommy's favorite- of course! A pirate float! Complete with skull, octupus, and two ships! Top it off with meeting a "Jack Sparrow" and getting to hold his pirate gun- Tommy was in heaven!

Yeah, Riverton!
My cute girls by the ants at a picnic.

The "sand castle" temple. There are many entries made by Stakes. Our favorite was one from Bountiful- seagulls having a cricket feast! There were crickets in the green jello, in the sandwiches, on the barbeque and jumping out of the picnic basket. It was all motorized and very cute! Have a wonderful 24th everyone!


jim said...

Great pictures, looks like so much fun kids! Love you, Pammy

Jill said...

Thanks for that little float I can just sit at home and look at your pictures of floats! lol