Tuesday, July 15, 2008

This girl can act!

This is Rebecca and Tommy at on the set at Allison's first play. They have been so supportive of their big sister! Rebecca loves to run around at the end of the play and get everyone's autograph! She's done it twice now, I wonder if she'll make it a third on Saturday??
Thanks, Jill! My wonderful friend Jill did Allison's hair so cute for the performance
last night! I'm glad someone else is a professional. I stayed home with Tommy
last night, so John could attend. This is the girls when they came home
last night- they were so excited and full of energy!
Okay, I know that I'm highly partial, but Allison is so awesome in this play!
She really is a great Brigitta, just the right amount of sassiness! Wait until you see her!
These photos were taken at a "teaser" a few weeks ago at a Herriman event.

The kids meeting Maria!
This is Brigitta, Kurt and Gretl after a parade. They are wearing their "curtain" costumes.
This is Allison's BFF- Casie! Casie is a wonderful friend and has also been such a great supporter of Allison! She served as the assistant prop master in the play!
A photo of the real performance- I don't have many yet, because I had Tommy with me at this one... need I say more? I'll post some more later, but there is an awesome slide show of Allison's cast at this web address: http://www.herrimanarts.org/performingarts/tsom.htm I hope you enjoy! See most of you on Saturday!


Carrie said...

About an hour ago I was looking at the web page for Herriman's Sound of Music and it should be called, look how cute Allison and Annie are.
You are a superstar Allison.

Gavin and Jill Collier said...

I heard you are amazing in the play Alli, but hello I knew you would be! That is so fun for you to do! Great job!

Jill said...

Ok, I have to admit, Allison DID look great that night! I loved how her curls bounced with every sassy head flip! Thanks for the compliment. :-) Alli really is SO good in this role. She has those big eyes that are always in characture. Kory told me how great he thought she was. He said she was the "perfect Brigitta" I have appreciated how much she has helped Annie...(sometimes physically pulling Annie into the right place:-)..they have become pretty cute friends! ONE MORE NIGHT!! :-( Then onto school house rock! I look forward to seeing Becca more!