Sunday, August 24, 2008

It's great to be eight!

Becca is eight years old! She is such a sweet daughter and of course, has been looking forward to this birthday for a long time. We opened presents on Friday morning and had her favorite breakfast of German pancakes!

Rebecca got 2 new books, white shoes and a beautiful white dress for her baptism. We'll wait to post a full picture of the dress at her baptism.

I got to go to Becca's classroom on Friday, too and share a favorite book of her choice: Shel Silverstein poems! We also had some time to show the kids in her class how to make tissue paper flowers. It was easy and fun!

This was the "cake" that Becca chose for her party- "cubcakes."
Becca is lucky- she gets to share a birthday with her Aunt Jill! I think Rebecca helped Jill with her candles here. Jill is probably out of breath thanks to Bailey! (You can't tell in this pic, but Jill is almost 7 months pregnant...)
These two love treats and actually gave each other treats for presents! Sweeeet teeeeeth!!


Gavin and Jill Collier said...

I'm glad I can share my b-day with you Becca! You looked so cute on your 8th birthday and I can't believe how old you are!

jim said...

Oh Becca, how fun to be eight! You are such a sweet girl and we really enjoy looking at your pictures at school. Love you.