Saturday, December 20, 2008


....reasons to move. Okay, I'm going to be positive about this- thanks, Jill for being a ray of sunshine, as usual! Here we go.....
10. Deseret Industries sees an increase in donations.
9. My children clean (out) their rooms.
8. I organize my sock drawer.
7. Lots of exercise.
6. Dejunk, dejunk, dejunk.
5. A chance to make new friends and keep the old- (thanks bloggers and Facebook!)
4. We know that wherever we move, we have an instant family in the ward there.
3. The Relief Society is going to bring us dinner the night before!
2. I get to see lots of service in action- yeah for family, visiting teachers, and friends.
1. We're making this adjustment so John can get his MBA! Yeah!

Now, don't you want to move, too? :)


Gavin and Jill Collier said...

I like the sock drawer one, SO TRUE! Moving is a great way to organize. Gavin and I have just worn each other's socks for like our whole marriage becuase we can never keep them sorted! Well, he doesn't wear my girly ones, but I bet you one day I will catch him in them!!

linda said...

Wow, the NBA huh? I never knew you had such a talented hubby...oh wait, MBA....that's different, I guess.

Jill said...

lol...I love the list! I would totally move just to get the free dinners. :-) Let me know how we can help.

Anonymous said...

You're moving? Where?