Thursday, December 4, 2008

What I've learned...

I haven't been much of a blogger lately. I am recovering from having the whole Relief Society at my house last night as part of a progressive dinner. They had appetizers here (I actually held back and didn't make any, I really wanted to make my sister's amazing cranberry salsa) and we had a special "program" of a sweet little children's choir. I decided that it's very difficult to accompany a choir and lead them as well. We used the beautiful music they have on the children's songbook CD's and I chose to lead. It was wonderful! The kids sang "Christmas Bells" with chimes included, plus 3 more Primary songs about the birth of the Savior.

So now my house is clean and decorated for Christmas! Phew! It's great to be finished- now I can back to blogging, etc. Marianne did this on her blog awhile ago and I wanted to use her idea to list a few things I've learned recently. It is amazing that we do actually learn new things everyday!

1. I learned that scholars (Susan Easton Black, for one) believe that Jesus was born in a limestone cave above Bethlehem, not in a stable. I remembered someone telling me that there is no mention of a stable in the scriptures. Check Luke's account- it's true! He was laid in a manger, but there's no mention of the stable, animals, etc. that we picture with the traditional Christmas manger scene. How will this fact change our songs, manger scenes, etc.? "Once within a lowly cave....?" I think we'll stick with tradition, even though it may be historically incorrect.

2. My Relief Society President is the same age as me.

3. Mandarin oranges are delicious in smoothies.

4. Emilee makes the best sweet potatoes for Thanksgiving dinner. And she is a more amazing mother than I thought. The patience she has for her little insomniac toddler! You're awesome, Emilee. Allison is getting a lot of compliments on her haircut.

5. Tommy loves, loves, loves playing with all the boy cousins on the Blackwell side. There's quite a big pack of them these days. They love Tommy, also. They love the same things: Superman, Batman, Transformers, Pirates, etc. Can it get any better than that?

6. Becca is going to insist that she gets the drumstick every year.

6. If I hold my ground, Becca will wear her puffy blue coat to school. I'll bet she's glad I did, it snowed today!

7. You can send a preschooler on the bus with some food if you are running late, or if they are running early (which is usually the case). They do, however, draw the line at pancakes with syrup. BTW, I was not the mom that attempted this.

8. I'm so grateful for my wonderful parents (this isn't just something I learned recently)... they are so kind, patient, forgiving! I'm glad they have overlooked my shortcomings, mistakes, and just love me! Thanks Mom and Dad! You really are the best.


Marianne said...

I love it! It's amazing that you can learn so much in one day! :) It sounds like you guys are ready for Christmas. I hope its a great one for you.

Shelley said...

I love Becca eating the drumstick! Too funny!

Dugovic Domain said...

Wow, what a fun PILE O COUSINS! I love love loved this list. Fun read.

Lindsay said...

Becca is such a crack up. I have a few pics of her with the big drumstick. I also got a pic of her making her gingerbread house and organizing all of the pieces...she is such a cutie. It was a wild and crazy time!