Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The best part of Easter weekend

There were a lot of sweet surprises this Easter holiday!

Easter egg hunts, easter treats, sweet easter kids!

Tommy exclaiming, "________or _______!" when he got his Easter eggs. Can you guess? It's on the video and really cracked us up! (Believe it or not, pun not intended!)

Mmmm.... sweet imported chocolates and "biscuits" (cookies) from England! Ahh.... Lindt, Cadbury and Galaxy! All my weaknesses in one box! Thanks to a very sweet mission companion.

Baby shower gifts for my sister Lindsay. She's expecting a girl! Yay for pink, flowers, bows, tutus and all that fluffy stuff.

But the sweetest part of our Easter weekend was watching this sweet baby girl being sealed to her Mom and Dad in the Bountiful temple. There's something about the temple that makes time stand still and reminds you of what life is all about. Here was an amazing couple, being sealed to their amazing little daughter in the House of the Lord. They have been so blessed by our Heavenly Father- He wants ALL His children to enjoy EVERY blessing He has to offer. No matter what our circumstances or where we are today. Thank you, Lexi, for reminding us all!

(Hopefully you can click on this pic to enlarge and see the joy on my parents' faces!)


Crystal said...

Tommy is so cute! What a fun day. And how wonderful for your sister to be sealed to her little girl! I'm glad you got to be part of her special day.

Lindsay said...

Trick or Treat! Love it! What a great weekend.

Shelley said...

That is a wonderful day. I am sure you and your family will remember this Easter weekend forever!

Jill Collier said...

That is so neat they were sealed to their baby! Looks like you had a great Easter weekend! Tommy is so funny!

Carly and Coen said...

that video is a RIOT!!! Oh the joys of childhood and all of the many holidays! haha your (not so) little ones are absolutely adorable!! and the pic of your parents warms my heart... they are absolutely amazing people :)

Melissa said...

Hi Heather! This post made me cry....Saturday was an amazing day. I've been getting sleep this week and feeling motivated, so I had Lindsay come over and give me a quick blogging lesson. Yep, I'm joining the crowd. Hopefully I'll have it up and running soon.
P.S. Tommy is hilarious!