Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Girl's Night Out- help form a blog chain of love!

This is from my cousin, and I'm reposting on my blog to help get the word out! She's organized this fantastic event for an amazing cause... helping AIDS orpans in Africa... please post on your blog to get the word out! :)

1) re-post the Girl's Night Out information on your blog front and center.
2) ask ALL of your family and friends to re-post this poster (above) and the event information (with link to on their blogs as well.
Please! Ask everyone you know to do it. Email everyone you know and ask them to do it. When have you been given and EASIER way to serve!? Let's make a blog chain of love!
We are talking LIVES here people! Every 5 women who walk into our event on Saturday ($5.00 admission) ='s enough formula to keep a baby alive for ONE MONTH! Think of the potential of that child. Think of the WORTH of that soul. Every dime we make will help improve a life. A REAL life. A real child of God who needs us to stop being busy, content, and indifferent.
My Cousin (who just got back from spending a month in Africa) told me about a nine year old girl that they found prostituting herself years ago in the streets of Lusaka. Mothers Without Borders took her in, got her the medical attention she needed, and put her in school. She is 15 now, and the fact is, she has AIDS, and she is going to die. There is nothing that any of us can do to change that, but because of the efforts made by Kathy Headlee and her volunteers at MWB, this girl lives a life of dignity. She lives a life of love. She lives a life where she knows goodness, kindness, and something other than being completely alone in a world that is just waiting to eat her alive. That's something.

If you are interested in volunteering at the event, we would love to have you! (email me)
But please, right now, for the next hour, volunteer yourself to be a promotional/advertising committee member and call, text, email, blog EVERYONE you know! Act like this is for your child, or sister, or mother. Act like this is YOUR project. Act as though lives depend upon it (because, indeed, they do.)

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