Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Ryan family move..... update!

Wow, it's been a long time! It seems that way anyway. I just wanted to let everyone know that we are completely 100% moved, maybe 75% unpacked? We love the new house and the neighborhood. More on that later....

I wanted to tell you about our amazing new ward. Let's just say it's a little bit "different" from the wards we have become accustomed to attending. Here's a few differences:

John is a high priest, yes, yes, I know- he is young, but he was called to serve on the high council 9 years ago and gets used to the run down each and every time we move:

"You look too young to be a high priest."

"Thanks, I'll take that as a compliment." And then he explains how and when, etc.

This last Sunday was especially comical for many reasons. Sacrament meeting is the last meeting in our ward. John's high priest group started out with discussions on wearing your medical necklace in case of an accident, shingles, and hearing loss. Okay! Next came Sunday School where the discussion led to changes in technology... "Do you know how to use a digital camera?" and talk of not wasting time.... "We shouldn't spend our time playing games all day." (Hmmm.... I really don't have a problem with that.) Also, someone in back fell asleep and let out a HUGE snore. John and I were having a hard time not laughing. We held it together. Can you guess the demographics of our ward yet? Yes, about 85% of the members are 70 or older! There is retirement housing right behind our house and so we are blessed to be a part of the same ward.

The Primary is teeny tiny. On Father's Day, 14 children (3 of which were mine) stood to sing to their dads. Our new friends that live down the street have 6 children. When they moved into the neighborhood from Colorado, they were told that their family alone doubled the Primary. What? This is Utah, right? She told me that they prayed our family here. I told her that it worked! No wonder everything fell into place so nicely.

Anyway, I'm not done with last Sunday yet. As we gathered for Sacrament Meeting and listened to the opening announcements, the bishopric member announced the opening hymn, "Number such and such, 'Let Us All Pass On.'" .....?????..... "I mean, 'Let Us All Press On.'" This group laughed for a full 30 seconds. Classic.


Marianne said...

That actually sounds like lots of fun. "Old people" are so awesome, they crack me up. They are pretty realistic and grounded and loving. You are lucky to be there.

Shauna said...

Congrats on the move! You and John will be a blessing to their ward! Hope all goes well! Miss and love you!

Jenni said...

I'm excited for your new home! That's great that you're almost all settled in! How fun to be in a ward with the little old people! Your family will be able to touch them in so many ways. Old people love the energy and abilities of young people and they are just so sweet and cute! Good luck with everything Heather!

Jill Collier said...

That is so funny! That is an odd ward for Utah, to not have a huge primary! Hope you guys like your new place! We're happy for you!

Jen Nelson said...

HAHAHAHA - love the part about the family doubling the primary!!

Awesome! Glad you are enjoying! Good luck unpacking!

jim said...

That story is pretty funny, thanks for sharing... Hi kids!