Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Photo catch-up

Here's a few photos pre-camera taking a dip in the Barbie "hot tub." Above is the kids at the splash park near our home.
Father's Day- you can't tell that the kids were just a little bit excited about the gifts they got for their Dad!

Packing, anyone? I wish I could be a little more carefree about it like these three! Allison took a break to write "backwards notes" to everyone- just read them in the mirror!

Or... you could dress up like a "bad guy"- John is really not going to like this picture being posted. I promise he did it all on his own! I think the "bad guy" he's thinking of is maybe the granny from Word Girl?

Or, turn a #10 can and a broom into a beautiful princess. These kids certainly keep me on my toes!!

Our new home!


Shauna said...

Your new home is beautiful!!! Love the random pictures. Looks like fun!

Marianne said...

Wow, fun pictures! I love that your kids can entertain themselves. And your house looks really gorgeous! have fun moving in.

Shelley said...

I'm so glad you posted a picture of your new looks like a beautiful home!

Jill Collier said...

Wow, the new house is beautiful! How fun for your family! I'm sure it was nice to unpack all your things again :) Love the picture of Tommy as a bad guy, lol. We love you guys!