Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Snowy Saturday

Grandma Ryan had a birthday last weekend. So we got invited for a lunch/sledding/cake and ice cream party. We felt like we had the whole mountain to ourselves!

We discovered that it's better to be lighter rather than heavier in this sinking kind of snow. Tommy could have stayed on his sled for several minutes each run, rather than a few seconds like the adults.

Favorite picture of the day:

Man, this one really cracks me up! Is it the goggles? Or maybe the hair? The goofy expression on his face? Maybe all three. Whatever it is, this one really makes me laugh! Whatever our trials in life, we really are that we might have joy! I'm so grateful for a family (yes, all of you) that bring me joy every single day!


Crystal said...

Looks like so much fun! I love the picture of Tommy!

Jenni said...

That's so cute! That's fun that Grandma Ryan has that sledding hill right there. It's so awesome that we're all here to help each other out, isn't it???

jim said...

Love the pictures, that was fun! Lets do it again and Tommy can bring the funny goggles!