Sunday, January 31, 2010

The yellow shoes, 3 craft projects, and the boom-booms

So, my family blog has been a little neglected lately. I've been having a little too much fun on my coupon/cheapie blog! Let me attempt to catch up a little bit. First, some pictures:

These cute yellow shoes were purchased for the upcoming role that Allison will be assuming for the next month. She was cast as Gertrude (as in Gertrude McFuzz with the one feathered tail) in Seussical Jr. The 6th grade classes at her school are performing the play in March. Oh boy, oh boy- could she be any more excited? She has immersed herself in the play and the role and is constantly singing! I don't think she loves to do anything more than singing and acting.

These were 3 different craft projects found on 3 separate floors of the house. All by.... guess who?? None other than Rebecca Ryan! Hilarious! In the basement, the start of a puppet for a school assignment. On the kitchen table, cutouts to make a collage from magazines. And finally, in her bedroom upstairs a guitar she's working on for Tommy made from a cracker box. The best part, these were all started on the same day!

Did you notice there are 3 separate pairs of scissors by each project? Ah-ha! I promise I did not plant those! I don't know if finding scissors is a problem at your house, but it's been an issue in our home ever since Becca was about 2 years old. For a super funny read, which also addresses kids and scissors,
read this by my sister Lindsay. I think we can all relate.

Next is the drum brushes and drumsticks. Thomas is, surprise, surprise, turning into a drummer! I've got to get a video soon and post it. You won't believe it!

So Tommy was getting a little wild with the brushes- breaking one and poking himself in the eye at one point. (Ow!) So John got the idea to put the drum set in the all-concrete food storage room. That way, they can use the real drumsticks and not hurt everyone's ears at the same time. It also helps that he has some AMAZING headphones that muffle the sound- so Tommy has no fear and just wales away on the boom booms! I wonder what all that noise does to the shelf life of wheat, rice, and oats? We may find out in a decade or so....

(By the way, we watched a DVD of Manheim Steamroller and Chip Davis himself used the term boom booms, so the boom booms they are!)

I'll post a video soon and catch up even more a little later! ;)


jim said...

What fun posts into the happenings of the kids, THANKS! So talented!

Heather said...

That's exciting about Allison's role! She's so amazing! And Rebecca too! Your girls are talented! And YES! Please post a video of Tommy on the drums! That'd be awesome!

Heather said...

BECCA SAID!I love that you found that stuff!

Lindsay said...

Gertrude Mcfuzz is one of our favorites! That is so exciting. I love all the projects. Becca is such a creator.

the Lola Letters said...

Oh, so fun for Alli! Those yellow shoes are to die for!

I think it's fantastic that Rebecca is so artsy. Your girls are seriously so talented! You must be so proud :)