Sunday, June 13, 2010

End of school year report 2010

Allison: Won almost every award that a 6th grader could receive at her school's award assembly. Included in these was the 'Hope of America' award- each teacher was able to choose 2 children in their class to receive this award.

She also auditioned for 'PAL Camp' here in Weber District and was accepted into the performing arts camp. She saved up her babysitting money so that she could attend. She had a fabulous performance last week all about Jazz music. It was amazing that the teachers could put together a show like that in one week! It makes a big difference when the kids are older and they actually want to be there.

Rebecca: Won several art contests during the year. (But never received the $100 by the way, we were misinformed about the prize!) She and her best friend played a violin duet for the end of year 4th grade talent show. She and the same best friend also qualified to compete in the district Math Olympiad in the Tangram contest. They took 1st place! Becca was so proud- she earned her first medal ever!

Thomas: Went from recognizing a few letters at the beginning of the year to reading sight words, sounding out words, and counting every thing he sees. He had a fantastic team of teachers pulling for him this year and we are so grateful. We are considering a repeat of Kindergarten because he's been so delayed in academics, etc. He's certainly taught us a lot in these short 6 years!

Our new family picture!


Shelley said...

I love your new picture. You guys are such a cute family! And it sounds like everyone is doing great...I bet you are one proud momma! :)

Lindsay said...

You've got some little go-getters alright! Your little clan is so talented and smart. Love the pics;)

Marianne said...

Cute picture! And your kids are amazing, they take after their mom.

Rekehl said...

You have some wonderful kids!

Mary said...

What wonderful reports to report! :-) And I LOVE the new family's adorable!!!