Friday, July 9, 2010

Tommy's Birthday

Tommy had his 6th birthday today! And.... we found our camera right after we finished the birthday cake. But, my sisters-in-law got lots of pictures for us. (Thanks, Jill & Mary!)

We had a fabulous week with John's family- his sisters from Oregon and Texas came to stay for a vacation. We went to Seven Peaks and had a big birthday party for Tommy. Thank you Grandma Ryan! She worked so hard this whole week & made it fun for everyone.

This is at our 2nd swimming party in Riverton!

We spent the week on a nice little vacation of our own- right in Riverton! We stayed with John's grandma and enjoyed the basement John built a few years ago. Everything went well.... except for the little mishap of Tommy spilling a whole pitcher of purple grape juice on the cream colored carpet. Well, I should say 1/2 pitcher, the other 1/2 did land on a red rug. Who puts cream colored carpet in the kitchen???? Well, John's Grandma. (Ryans, please don't tell- we bought an extra special cleaner and we think we cleaned it up well. Eeek!)

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Jenni said...

Looks like fun! Tommy is so grown up and cute!!! Cream carpet in the kitchen does sound a little scary, but if there were no kids around, you may be able to almost manage keeping it clean (...maybe). I'm glad you got it cleaned. I would've been checking the budget for new carpet at Grandma's by that point, I think. :)