Sunday, November 21, 2010

Family Pictures 2010

This was the winner for our family picture this year- (despite Tommy's funny face)! We took our own pictures again- not bad for setting the timer, right? (Please say yes!)

Thomas made up for his funny faces this year by giving us this extra nice smile!

Pretty Becca!

Allison looks more grown up everyday.

The sisters

Here's just one of our outakes this year. I don't have the energy to post all of them this year!

Okay, here's one more. :) Typical of our days at home. Tommy teasing his sisters and me trying to stay calm.

Allison's All-Region Choir. She's on the front row- second from the right. We started to see why All-Region is such a big deal here. Kids from 33 schools auditioned for this! We're very happy that we made the investment in her black dress last year.

This is a quick 16 second snip of one of their songs. They sound GREAT!

We thought we got there early, but ended up on the back row.

This is random, but kind of cool- this hot air balloon went right over our house! It was so low, we could see the huge fire inside and the people in the basket. The kids took lots and lots of pictures.

Rebecca also had her share of singing and performing this month. The 4th and 5th grade classes at her school performed "Kickin' It With Africa"- with lots of fun singing and drums based on African music and based from the World Cup games held in Africa last year. (Becca is on the back row in the grey t-shirt.)

Here's a sample of the fun they had that night!

Mom and Tommy in the audience. This is another typical sight when we attend public events. Tommy gets a little antsy!


jim said...

We love all the pictures and happenings of your family! You all look great! Thanx

Lisa B said...

Your pictures are wonderful! Very good for using a timer! That gives me hope, maybe we can do the same this year, it's free! If not, I will find someone to hopefully take a few for free. You all look great! Nice, clear big blue Texas skies! :) I like it! We miss you but are happy for you!

Jill Collier said...

I love the family pictures, you did great!! Alli and Becca are looking so old, I can't believe it! Tommy is too, what a handsome little guy :) We're glad you're enjoying Texas, we miss you guys!

Lindsay said...

You guys look great. I love the family pictures. I think it's one of the most stressful events as a parent:) Miss you guys!