Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Happy Halloween & All-Region Choir!

John and I actually dressed up (a little) this year! A witch and a cow- there you go. We haven't dressed up for years. I think we're going to put some thought into it next year, the prizes for costumes at our ward's trunk or treat were awesome! (Like water park and NBA tickets awesome.) We're hanging out by the bounce house here.

Tommy was a little Darth Vader (only because his Storm Trooper Costume did not show up in the mail- boo!) He would run to the car and have a few bites of his dinner and then run back to the bounce houses for more fun and excitement with friends!

The scene near the bounce house. I really like the big furry boots waiting outside!

Becca and Allison both invited friends to the Trunk or Treat. Becca is a hippie here with her friend 'Cleopatra!'

The kids in the backseat. Allison dressed up at 'Elphaba' from Wicked. She is saving up all her birthday/babysitting money to hopefully see the play one day.

Allison dressed up three times last week for 2 parties and one Young Women's Activity where they 'reverse trick-or-treated' and took treats to an assisted living home.

Allison also got her choir solo. Her choir will be singing "God Bless the U.S.A" for Veteran's Day during lunches next week. Allison also tried out for the Middle School All Region Choir on Saturday. What a surprise when we got a call from her teacher saying she made it!

Allison didn't even want to audition for the choir, she heard that only one person from each school is able to join. I encouraged her to at least try, that the audition would be a good experience. Well, two people from her school are in this year and she is one of them! We had to drive to Carrollton (about 45 min. away) for her audition. We waited in a middle school cafeteria until it was her turn. The cafeteria was PACKED with students and parents. Music is a BIG deal in Texas! The auditions were held for most of the day.

Allison's audition was for judges sitting behind a screen. They don't want the child's looks, dress, etc. to affect the judgment of their voices. She sang two solo pieces for them and then they gave her a piece of music that she had to sight read for them with "do, ra, mi" notes. She really felt good about the audition- I told her to pretend like she was trying out for a play and I think it worked! I reminded her that she needs to show that she can sing well when auditioning for plays, so I think that thought motivated her.

So, when we found out that she made the Region Choir, we were thinking, "Now what?"

So far we know that they have a big Saturday practice and perform in a concert that night. We also know that she will have the chance to audition for the All State Middle School Choir. Anyhow, we are really proud of her and happy that she will have this opportunity this year! She's so easy going and takes all the changes in her life in stride. Way to go, Alli!


Shelley said...

Sounds like you guys have amazing ward down there!

Heather said...

It is pretty amazing! The trunk or treat had 100 cars- 100!! Tommy and I didn't even make it around to all of them. :)

trumpet girl said...

Congratulations to Allison!! Making all-region is a really big deal here!

Ryans said...

Wow, Congratulations Alli! That's really cool. You will have so much fun and it's a great way to meet kids who have the same interests as you!

Darcie said...

Way to Allison!!! Looks & sounds like you had a wonderful Halloween!!

jim said...

Way to go Alli, you look grown-up already, no way! That's great that you could perform well enough to be selected. Your Dad was all-state band and Mary was all-state choir! Becca, you are a beautiful hippie and those never existed! Tommy your costume was scary, I like it!

Jill Collier said...

Cute costumes! I'm impressed that you and John also dressed up :) I usually skip that part :) Congrats to Alli, that is so great!

Mary said...

Fun Halloween pics! And congrats Allison!!