Monday, May 9, 2011

My birthday & Easter Re-do

This is how our kids deal with all the changes in their lives.... prayer and meditation!(?)

Wow, I have a lot of catching up to do! Here's our life in a nutshell lately.... Oh, and in case you missed my Facebook update, this is what we said about our move from Texas to Utah:

So we now live in Eagle Mountain "The Ranches" and just like always.... we hope we are here to stay and that we can kiss moving goodbye forever! Despite what may be believed, we do not enjoy moving, starting at new schools, wards, packing, starting new jobs, unpacking over and over again!

Here's a little bit of our Easter fun, one week late! (Too bad it was Fast Sunday, too.)

One day we know we'll get to stay put... really, it's going to happen. :) So far we love our new home and new neighborhood- the kids have plenty of friends in the neighborhood already and made an easy transition. All I know is that everything happens for a reason and miracles took us to Texas and miracles brought us back to Utah. When you think of people that move often, think of Joseph Smith, the pioneers, Moses, etc.!

Our first weekend back in Utah and it was my birthday. First of all, we woke up to snow. What a shocker! John took me on a fun date (Cafe Rio included) and John's Grandma hosted a fun little get-together.

Complete with fancy cake.

A couple of thoughts about our return to Utah:

1. We were snapping pictures like crazy tourists when we saw the Wasatch Front again. :)

2. There are a LOT of LDS meetinghouses here! My word, you can stand in one place here in Eagle Mountain and see seven within a few miles of each other! Seven!

3. Our skin dried out as soon as we got here. Dry lips, dry legs, itching and scratching for Thomas & his ezcema. :(

4. Allison & Rebecca can wear their 'Y' sweatshirts & t-shirts to school and the kids won't ask them what it means. "Does the 'Y' stand for 'Yahoo'?" !!!

5. It's really cold here.


Mary said...

What a beautiful cake :-) Miss you guys!

Heather said...

Thanks, Mary- we miss you too!