Friday, April 29, 2011

Our Easter and Grandma's Surprise!

Our trip back to Utah was crazy, eventful and long!! We started our drive on Saturday afternoon and enjoyed Easter (?) on the road. Bleh. (We'll make up for it this Sunday!)

We had to keep our travels under top secret so that we could do this:

That was fun.

We're now in Eagle Mountain in a nice home that just needs to be cleaned! John got a great deal on it, so we're happy. He starts his new job with Sears Home Improvement on Monday. He will be giving bids on remodeling jobs, etc. so be sure to let him know if you or someone you know has a project coming up!

Meanwhile, the kids will start school on Monday and finish their last month of school here in Utah. They've been so happy to be back and we really appreciate that they have been so easy-going with all of our changes! We don't know why we're back again, but we do know that the Lord is always watching over us and that there is a reason for everything we have been blessed with!

Hope to see all my Utah friends and family soon! We love you!


Jen Nelson said...

Oh my gosh that totally made me tear up!!

When did that girl get so tall!?! Holy cow!!

Good luck to John on his first day! So excited to have you back in Utah!!

Shelley said...

Even though you had to move again, at least you got to come back to a place you know and love and are close to your family again! We'll have to plan something so we can see you soon!

nelsonjeneen said...

Ok, Heather so I am so confused? Are you guys really moving back to Utah? I think that is awesome but I thought you were in Texas to stay a while. Good luck with everything.
PS. I wish you were moving back to Ogden!

Heather said...

Thanks Jen! Yes, let's go shopping at Walgreens!!
Thanks, Shelley- Heavenly Father always has different plans than we expect. This was a happy change for our whole family! We were happy in Texas, but this was super exciting!
Yes, Jill- sorry, I didn't make much of an announcement here on my blog, I told everyone on Facebook- you'll have to stop by sometime!! John was "let go" at his job in Texas and was already searching for work, feeling this change was coming. He started landing a bunch of Utah interviews!! Boom, boom, boom, everything fell into place and we are back! Got here last week and he starts his new job tomorrow. I know why we went to Texas- it was for a very specific purpose!!! Stay tuned!!

Carly, Bryce and Coen! said...

I'm not even family and this little video made me tear up! Such a sweet thing for you to do for your mom! And wow your girls are so tall! haha

Lorenne said...

Yay! You're back!!! Your kids have grown so much! Hope to see you soon :)