Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I'll admit it.... I really wanted this!

So last Monday, my aunt Natalie (the super cool aunt that we always tell you about... she's in the Tabernacle Choir....) left a msg. on Facebook saying she needed my phone # ASAP. I sent it over and the next thing I know my phone rings with a call from someone I don't know, but they say they are from KSL and do I use coupons??? Um... yes! And could they come over and talk to me in 45 minutes.... um, yes!!!

The KSL reporter and my aunt are both in the choir & Nkoyo (reporter) put a msg. out asking if anyone knew an "extreme couponer." So, that's how this whole thing came about. In case you missed the interview, you can view it here: Extreme Couponing Craze. There's tons of comments, but I don't think it's about anything I said. (I haven't read all of them yet.) Everyone is all fired up about the Extreme Couponing show from TLC. (Funny thing, I've never even seen an episode.)

So, this was a great thing for my little business and brought over lots of new readers. Which by the way may be visited any time day or night- any visits are appreciated!

Something you may not know is that my website has been a lifesaver for us financially as we ride the roller coaster of employment/unemployment these last couple of years. I earn small commissions every time you print a coupon through my site, buy a Groupon, or order anything from Amazon through a link on my site. If you use any of these websites, I welcome you to find a link on my site and click before you buy! Our family really appreciates your support. And... if there is another retailer (Barnes & Noble, Sears, any photo company) you purchase from, chances are I am affiliated with them as well. Just ask and I can send over a link. I'm posting this because my cute sister is no longer blogging (she is selling some fabulous feather earrings and such, though!) and so I'm not worried about stepping on toes. Plus, my own mom just learned I'm an Amazon affiliate- I guess I just need to let people know.

Oh, and if anyone has an inkling to help out with an upcoming Utah Food Bank Drive, I'd LOVE it! I need volunteers to be willing to have drop-off stations at their houses and if you're able, I'd also love to have you come down to the Energy Solutions Arena on August 8th. Anyhow, you can read about the Utah Food Bank Drive over here. Oh, you could get some free Barnum & Bailey Circus tickets out of it, too- always a bonus!!

Thanks for reading this whole thing, if you can't tell I'm super excited that this little site is finally getting off the ground. My dream is to only run my site and quit my side jobs helping other people with theirs.... hooray, that will be a great day!


Grama said...

Hey that was fun to see the pictures of your exciting day!

Jenni said...

This is so wonderful Heather! You are such an inspiration!!! :)