Saturday, August 6, 2011

Flower Power

Thanks, Linds for this picture!

So, Grandma B. called and asked if Rebecca could help her come up with an idea for the 24th float for Marysvale parade. This is what she dreamed up. (And Grandma made it happen.) The theme was about a walk back through time, or something like that.....

So, she broke out her hippie costume from Halloween, Grandma and Grandpa ordered a disco ball and there you go! All the cousins wore glittery "disco hats" and threw Otter Pops out of the back of Grandpa's truck while 70's disco music was blasting. Haha! The sign on the side of the truck says, "Peace, Love, Popsicles" :)

Rebecca sold pop and water at the celebration that day and wanted to buy the disco ball from Grandpa. She negotiated until Grandpa sold it to her for the grand total of $2.00. She was ecstatic. We took it home, rigged it up with the lights and all and had a disco party for our Family Home Evening activity. She is in heaven.

It's hard to tell in this video, but she even decorated her bottle rocket for the Pack Meeting (I'm a leader, so my kids got to join in!) and the leaders called hers "Flower Power."

And, what is the top item she would like for her birthday this year?? You guessed it.... a lava lamp.


Shelley said...

I am impressed you still keep up with your family blog after spending all day long blogging for a living!

Heather said...

Finally, someone that appreciate me!! haha- jk! It's funny how EASY the family blog seems now- I can put these together in about 2.2 minutes these days. :) I need to do more.