Thursday, September 22, 2011

Thomas & his new ride

So I was finally determined that Thomas get a real bike. One that fits him and works! We went to the D.I. a couple of months ago and picked out a nice sized bike (don't tell- it was a girls bike....) for $5. (He's just showing off an "owie" in the pic above.)

We took off the girl stickers and started to work on the broken tire. Well, if you know my John, he knows how to do everything and fix everything and he's a really handy guy to have around. If something is broken, I just wait for John to come home and save the day. Phew! Well, something finally clicked and we realized there is one thing that John has a hard time fixing: bike tires.

When my friend down the street asked if Becca could watch her dog while they went on a weekend vacation, I took notice of their nice motorcycle, bikes, etc. and asked if her husband could fix up our bikes (all 3 in disrepair) in exchange for the dog watching. They said yes!

So Thomas got his bike and the girls could ride theirs again, too. It's changed our world quite a bit. (This also occurred a few months ago, I'm a bit behind on our family history here.) Thomas is always wanting to ride his bike- wow, he loves it!

Oh, we had another kind neighbor that designed for OGIO add some stickers and new wheels to Tommy's bike- all as a surprise! Needless to say, we love our neighborhood. :)

The girls shot this video of the dirt bike action Thomas has been getting in on lately. I finally went with him yesterday on this rather steep area and it was super fun! (This is just down the street from us... where our neighborhood ends....)

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