Sunday, October 2, 2011

She's 14

She requested crepes for breakfast: scrambled eggs w/ ham & cheese and another with strawberries & cream.

Gateway activities for age 14 at the Ryans: makeup and dangling earrings. She couldn't wait! (These first 3 are "before" makeup pictures.)

We got to eat out in SLC, go to the circus and have a friend party this year. She has lots of fun friends that she loves!

This is after. (She took it easy with the makeup.) She's a joy in our family! She's taking musical theatre, drama, and dance this semester at school, so she is in heaven. We love you Allison!


Darcie said...

OMG, I can not believe that she is 14... wow how time flies!!! I remember Allison & Shelby playing tea parties and dress up, now look at them wearing make-up and acting like little adults. Happy Birthday Allison!!!

Melissa said...

Seriously, I wish I could look half as good as Alli does without make-up. She is gorgeous.....just like her mama!

Alli said...

HOORAY! I love being 14! Thanks for posting this Mom! :) I love you!

Ryans said...

Alli, you are too stinkin cute! I love what a great example you are to all of your younger cousins. We love that all our little girls look up to you. Congratulations on make-up and dangly earrings! Those were some of my favorite 'privileges' that came with teenage years. You are so pretty already, but it's fun to add a little extra sparkle. Happy birthday again! We love you so much!

Mary said...

So pretty and grown up!! I hope you had a fun day Beautiful Allison!!