Sunday, January 1, 2012

Tommy the Great

When we where eating tonight mom got us all
a gift! This is what Tommy got:

Right away, Tommy looked at all the
chores. We helped him mark off the
ones he all ready did.

Three of the chores is something to
do with his room. So he said, "Mom!
I have to clean my room right away!"
Right then Tommy ran up the stairs.
This is how it turned out:

(I love the way Tommy set his Darth Vader suit out!!!)

One of them was to take care of your
pet. So Tommy ran downstairs where
the chinchillas are and said, "Mom!
I won't hit the cage or poke them so
I can get the thing done! Love you!"

Tommy with Cream!

All of them!

Tommy with Cocoa!

Thanks Tommy for being the best brother in
the whole world!

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