Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Zoo, Musical Theatre, Grama's Birthday, Grandpa & Grandma B's Visit and more....

Just a few things we've been up to! Grandma and Grandpa Blackwell made a quick day trip up to see us during Christmas break. Between their visitors and their temple weekends, they were able to squeeze it in. Here are the kids with their Christmas-after-Christmas gifts. Thanks Grandma and Grandpa!

Rebecca pulled out her 3D "I Spy" Game to play. Thanks for being great sports- I love this picture!!

I abandoned my work for an afternoon to take advantage of the Free Zoo Day at Hogle. Rebecca was determined to draw a picture of each animal in her sketchbook as we visited, but that was pretty time-consuming, so she snapped photos of ALL of them instead.

Here are some more pictures of T's big ski trip. He tells us he wants to go again! ;)

Allison's Music Theater class had a closing performance before the semester ended. Her solo of "The Wizard & I" was selected to be a part of the program. She did great! We are pinching ourselves as we come to realize she will be in high school next year. She loves attending the Stake dances, listening to music and trying new things with her hair- it's here for real- she's a teenager!

We got to visit a little bit with Jill & Gavin's family visiting from Phoenix when Grama Ryan had a birthday party. I like the way Bailey is trying to smile below!

This was our attempt at a picture of the grandkids with Grama- haha! Thomas was unfortunately having a no-good, very-bad day, I wasn't able to socialize much. :( Fortunately for his teachers and for us, he perked up the next day. Phew!! We all have days like that, right?!!

Another funny story, we used a certain Grandpa as our "Santa" this year and Thomas called him several times before Christmas. Last week, Thomas insisted that he call Santa to tell him to pick him up, he wanted to be an elf and help Santa. (Not really sure where that came from!!??)

Anyhow, we finally told him it was fine to call Santa and they had a nice chat. I'm not sure of everything that was said, but Santa told Thomas that the most important thing right now was to be a good boy and go to school. After the phone call, Thomas had a nice cry for about 5 minutes, but then he was fine and hasn't mentioned it since! (We're happy that he won't be moving to the North Pole after all.) Thanks Santa! ;)

If you're ever in town, please stop by for dinner, we'd love to have visitors and seems like we haven't seen our family & most of our friends for such a long time! Happy January!

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