Monday, May 21, 2012

2012 Ryan Vacation: Bryce Canyon, Brianhead, Las Vegas

Once upon a time, our family went on a vacation... back in 2007! Well, we did another quick vacation a couple of weeks ago and visited Bryce Canyon, Brianhead and lovely Las Vegas.
John had some meetings in Henderson, so we decided to join him. We stayed in Brianhead on the way.. where we were practically by ourselves. Here's Tommy jumping on a cool rocket toy that John got for the kids.
We also took a day to go to Bryce Canyon. My kids have never been there before and I've always wanted to take them. We visited the lodge where I worked in between my freshman and sophomore college years as an accountant's helper, busser and waitress. I about died when I realized that that was 20 years ago!
These fat yellow looking beavers were everywhere in Brianhead. The kids loved driving around looking for them. They tended to stay in the same spots, so they were easy to find. Rebecca and Thomas are the animal lovers in our family.
Cedar Breaks
Beautiful! We also had a fun time in Henderson with our cousins, the Ryans. John's brother Chris is in medical school there and they have the 3 most adorable daughters. We went to dinner, went swimming twice (and got sunburned shoulders), went to church with them and lots more. We must have been having such a great time that we forgot about our cameras. Oops! We'll fix that next time around.


Caleb said...

Vacations are so much fun. I need to take my kids to Bryce Canyon as well.

Mary said...

What a fun trip! You all look so happy and relaxed...ahh, so nice :-) Miss you guys!