Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Annie Jr. with Allison

Allison was cast as "Grace Farrell" (Daddy Warbucks' secretary) in Annie Jr. at their middle school this spring. Acting on stage is really her thing, we thought she was great. These pictures are not in order, but you get the idea of the show and the visitors and family that were able to come. We so appreciate it! A side benefit of the play was finding out that the little girl that played Annie has a famous aunt, Mindi from Cute Girls Hairstyles. I recognized her in the audience and later Allison was able to talk to her on the phone. Talk about being starstruck...! These plays do bring our family so much joy as we watch Allison share her talents. Thank you Allison!


Caleb said...

how nice for your daughter. it looks like she did well and it's so good to develop her talents.- Kami

Heather said...

Thanks Kami!