Wednesday, February 5, 2014

25 Weeks and My Pregnancy Health

Hello 25 weeks!

Okay... I am HUGE. 
If anyone tells me I look small... I'll know they're lying.

Waist: 38"
Uterus: 38 cm... 
(hello! that's usually how big I am at 38 WEEKS with a single baby!!)
Weight gain: 20 pounds & counting....

This was kind of fun. I kept a tally of the number of kicks and moves by each of the babies one day last week. Megan is near my ribs and she was the winner. :) 136 moves, kicks, bumps, and elbows in 12 hours. Alexander is down LOW and he got up to 103. Not bad!

I wanted to count a full 24 hours, but I was too worn out after the 12 hours. 7 a.m. through 7 p.m. :)


So, I wanted to write a bit about my health and this pregnancy. While I did not seek any traditional fertility treatments, I have done many other things to make sure I'm as healthy as possible for pregnancy.

I was diagnosed with gluten intolerance, hypoglycemia, and problems with my thyroid and liver (caused by the hypoglycemia) in April 2012. I was advised to completely cut gluten from my diet, to never fast again (because of the hypoglycemia, this could push me towards diabetes), and to take a variety of supplements. At the time, I was wanting to get pregnant again but I knew that I needed to get my health in order first. After having a son born with autism and another child die while I was pregnant with him, and learning some important things about health and nutrition since Thomas' diagnosis, 
I knew there was something wrong with ME.

I was starting to suffer with the effects of the hypoglycemia, etc. I was needing to use the restroom every 1/2-1 hours.... not fun. I felt like my body was starting to fall apart. My Dr. in Heber City told me that he could help me have my healthiest baby yet and that 40 is when people in the eastern U.S. BEGIN their families. He said that if I think 40 is too old to have a baby, that that is a Utah mentality. :) 
Ahh.... thank you Dr. Nielsen.

My Dr. used my blood tests to help determine the types of supplements I should be taking. WOW, what a difference they have made for me. My skin softened up and was no longer dry, my body starting functioning normally again (i.e. less trips to the restroom) and I felt fantastic. I also lost all PMS symptoms. Yep, no cramps or unexplained mental instability and orneriness happening a few days before my period. I've been so even keel for about a year and a half! Just ask my husband.... he knows.

Not only did I feel better than ever, this little thing happened last summer where both my ovaries decided to drop an egg. :) :)

Oh, and as a side note... most people have been very, very happy and excited for us. We've only heard a few rude comments. What really makes me laugh is when people say, "YOU'RE having twins?!!" Like I ordered them or something.... hmmm.....

So, these are the supplements that I take now. I had a check up with my Dr. when I was 14 weeks pregnant. My first trimester was hard. I don't get nausea, but I was very tired and feeling worn down. I didn't know I was pregnant with twins when I met with my Dr. again, but I had my complete blood work done again and he suggested the supplements above. ^^ Some of those I was already taking on my own, the Methyl Protect for my liver, the Veggies & Greens, the Pro... drink mix, Vitamin D (super boost to the immune system!!) and the Tuna Omega-3 Oil.

He added the Bilemin, Camu Camu (Vitamin C supp, also known to help calm anxiety :), the Magnesium & Iron supplements. These aren't cheap, but I can order them on Amazon and have them delivered to my door when I need refills. They are SO WORTH IT! I have had tons of energy and stamina during my 2nd trimester... there were times when I didn't even feel pregnant. (Only gaining weight and inches I suppose...)

My "granny" organizers for my supplements. Morning on top and night at the bottom. :)

I keep thinking how WONDERFUL it will be to have a healthy baby boy. For my first time ever....

And, these fun girls were at Allison's state drill team competition last weekend.

My sister Melissa was able to attend with her two sweet girls. Makenzie is just 2 months old and is so sweet. I wanted to steal her, but I'm not sure what I would do with 3 babies. hehe.

My sister Emilee had her baby boy last weekend, so now it's my turn! My parents are getting 4 new grandbabies while they serve their mission. People keep saying, "I can't believe they're missing all this!" But I say, this is all happening because they're not here... it has been a sacrifice for everyone, but we are certainly being blessed many times over for their service.

Please keep praying for me if you're reading this. I'm hoping to make it to 38 weeks or so.... we shall see!
I'm relying on my body's natural pregnancy routine that usually allows me to go OVERDUE. It is torture, but I know these babies will be small and will need all the cooking time they can get.

Oh, check this out!

I joined a "Multiple Moms" group on Facebook- most of the Moms live in Utah County, but they sell twin items and share advice, etc. I asked one of the ladies if she would ship her newborn baby boy clothes to me (thinking I would get 20 pieces or so....) and look what she sent me for just $20!!! What a blessing. Alex is all set. A lot of the clothes are teeny tiny, too, so I'm thinking they will be perfect for him when he gets here. We just need some teeny tinys for Megan and then we'll almost be ready for these babes!

I bought their car seats and a pump last weekend, John may picking up a FREE double stroller later this week (fingers crossed on that one), and I have a big shipment of diapers and wipes that will be coming monthly starting in a few weeks from Amazon. I'm sure I'll need just a few more things to prepare, but I'm really happy with our progress so far. We're so excited to meet these two.


Claire said...

This makes me so, SO excited for your family!! I like the part about 'ordering' up a set of twins. I'm thrilled that you're having a healthy pregnancy! Sending love from Frisco, Texas. xoxoxo Here's to making it to 38 (or more) weeks!

Caleb said...

you really do look well. We are hoping all goes well through the rest of the pregnancy. That is a lot of pills, but the important thing is being healthy.