Thursday, February 13, 2014

Thomas: A REALLY big deal

Some families who have children that have struggled academically will really appreciate what a BIG deal this is to us. Thomas actually received his first note home like this in the fall 2013.... but we were sent another last week and we are ecstatic.

This is the first school year the top option has been X'd! 3rd grade has been very good to Thomas.

His brain is clicking more and more.... we still have our challenges, there is no doubt- but I'm confident we'll continue to knock them out one by one. :) :)

This last week:

A- Thomas gets on the school bus at 6:55 a.m. each morning. Every morning except for 2 mornings this year, I've had to drag him out of bed, help him get dressed, and he'll take 2 pieces of turkey bacon with him to eat on the bus.

But, for the last 4 mornings in a row, Thomas has insisted that he get up HIMSELF at 6 a.m. and shower!!!! He gets himself dressed and will even eat his breakfast before getting on the bus.

B- Tonight, I was making this pumpkin bread/muffins recipe and I taught Thomas how to crack open two eggs into my mixing bowl. He wanted to keep going with the cracking and opening of the eggs, so I taught him how to cook an egg on the stove top.

He gave his new creation to his Dad, then later decided he wanted to make eggs for the whole family! Thomas made scrambled eggs for each member of the family and placed the eggs on 5 plates. He set the table and asked everyone to come to dinner.

We had fruit and the muffins (just baked from the oven) along with the eggs made by Thomas. Perfect!

Thomas, you bring us so much joy. We are so proud of you.


kayb said...

Heather, thanks for the update. You are so right about the reasons some people have for not going to church. It is sad but you are right, we go for Jesus, to show our love and appreciation to Him. Thomas is loving having more responsibility and is proud of himself. This is great timing for you with two new little ones on the way!

Caleb said...

That is wonderful with Thomas!!!!

Lorraine Ryan said...

Nice Tom Tom! Will you come make some eggs for our family?