Sunday, March 9, 2014

29 weeks & an epic trip to St. George

We made it to 29 weeks!

Some important numbers: 
Waist size (gulp!): 39 1/2" 
Uterus measurement: 40 cm 
(Like 40 weeks or full term ^^ for a single pregnancy!) 
Weight gain: 25 pounds

I was the recipient of some very generous multiple moms from my Facebook page and scored a bunch of preemie clothes for almost nothing. I'm feeling like we're almost ready... my sisters gave me an amazing baby shower in St. George last weekend and right now I'm just focused on getting a stock pile of diapers and wipes ready to go. So, so blessed. 

Two of the preemie size outfits are shown above... I have a feeling we may skip them, I'm thinking we'll have two 6-7 pounders when they get here!! A lot of people tried to scare me with stories of preemie babies and early deliveries, etc. when I first told them I was expecting twins. I know, so thoughtful. Then I remembered that I tend to hold onto babies as long as possible... both Allison and Thomas were overdue and Becca most likely would have been as well, but she was induced for insurance reasons. So... I have to remember my own body's history! I asked the multiple moms on Facebook about their experiences and lots of them made it to 36-38 weeks or more with their twin pregnancies. Hooray! We're hoping for 8 more great weeks. :)

Notes about the babies: 
Alex: Tends to hang out really low, low, low in my uterus. He has the hiccups almost constantly! I swear it's like 10 times a day. Cute boy. 

Megan: Has a VERY active time right before bedtime. I think she's trying out some gymnastics in there!! She is high, right under my ribs. I can't wait to see what these two little munchkins look like!

I got a twinge of sadness this last week because I only felt Matthew for sure once with 3 little kicks. This pregnancy is so, so different where I literally feel the twins hundreds of times each day. We are so grateful they are growing and healthy.

So, we had an action packed trip to St. George last weekend to celebrate my nephew's birthday, my Grandma's birthday, have a baby shower and see two little babies in the family be blessed. Phew! So much fun. Above are most of the grandkids, minus the birthday boy because he wasn't feeling in the picture mood at the moment. :) Mom and Dad have 22 grandchildren- Megan and Alex will be #23 and #24!!

The oldest and the youngest granddaughters. Allison and Makenzie.

The girls headed over to a Thai restaurant for a baby shower. Yummy!!

My sisters and sisters in law spoiled me! Here's just a few of the presents... my sister Emilee who has a one-month-old baby boy MADE these matching outfits for M and A!

Makenzie and Eli were blessed in my sister's ward the next day. It was also my Grandma's 85th birthday! So... we had lots to celebrate. (Funny side note: my parents posted the above picture of my grandparents and niece and nephew on Facebook and the ladies in my ward started a rumor that the babies are Megan and Alex! Whoops. Miss one Sunday in your home ward and look what happens!)

My siblings and me. Love them all so much. They are all amazing Moms and Dads.
We missed having our own Mom and Dad there, but we are trying to patiently wait for their arrival back home. I know that we have all been extremely blessed by their missionary service and sacrifices.

All the sisters! Thank you Lindsay for the awesome pictures. I love you all so much. Thanks for spoiling me and helping me feel even more excited to be the mom of these twinners. :) :)

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Caleb said...

What fun! I am so glad that all is going well with eh babies, hopefully you will hold onto them for a little longer.... What a fun trip and how happy for your grandmother, to get to be with so many grandkids and great grand kids, she is a sweet lady.