Saturday, April 19, 2014

35 Weeks Pregnant!

*I forgot these 3D pics of the babies' faces!! Aren't they cute?! Alex is in green and the other ones are Megan. :)

Here I am in all my 35-week pregnancy glory. :) I honestly don't think the picture does the baby bump justice. I now weigh more than I ever have in my life... but my new Dr. wants me to gain about 15 pounds more before delivery!! Well, I'll try....

See?? Here's my preggie breakfast of champions. I'm having issues with gestational diabetes (see pic below), so it's all about protein. I started laughing the other day when my breakfast was all spread out, so I snapped a pic. Here's the run down:
Fried Egg
Almond pancakes with peanut butter and homemade berry syrup (no sugar)
Berry/Spinach smoothie
Banana Nut Porridge (I'm addicted!)
This is in addition to my supplements that I take in the morning.
What can I say? I was hungry. 
And so were the babies.

My glucose monitor. I bought it knowing I'd have blood sugar issues and I skipped the glucose testing at the doctor's offices. That saved about 15 hours of my time. ;)

Speaking of doctors, I fired my 3rd OB last week.Okay, get this- BOTH babies heads are down, they are in the perfect position for a vaginal delivery. They are both measuring at the right size for their ages, and at the last ultrasound, Alex measured 1-2 days bigger than Megan.

SO, my OB says, "Sometimes when baby B (Alex) is bigger than baby A (Megan), that can present a problem with a vaginal delivery."

Really?? Please tell me how that's a problem. He said this at my last 2 visits with him. Hmmm.... I wonder if getting paid 10x more for a c-section over a vaginal delivery has anything to do with it? Yep, gotta wonder. ;) (It actually makes me pretty furious, but I won't air it all out here....) I found a new practitioner that FOR SURE is going to help me have a vaginal delivery, so now Mama Bear is feeling happy and excited again. She also thinks I shouldn't haven't a problem making it ALL the way to 40 weeks!!

THESE, however, were NOT a time saver. WOW. I made some newborn diapers (yep, from scratch) and they were a TON of work!! And time. And money. I bought the best of the best in materials.... organic cotton and bamboo, but wow. They are super cute and they will work REALLY WELL, but I'm done making diapers. The rest of the cloth diapers we use will need to be store bought. 
(Don't worry, I have lots of disposables on hand, too... I realize that life is going to be a little bit nutso as we get our twin feeding/changing routines down.)
In case you don't believe I'm huge... here's another view of my tummy! It's the width that is really different this time around. But, I did have the babies mixed up in this pic, they switched places sometime between the December ultrasound and the 32 week ultrasound we had a few weeks ago. So... Alex is actually higher and on the right and Meggie is low (LOW) and on the left. It's crazy how much we love them already. We are SO, SO blessed!! We are so excited to meet these two, they're going to make our family so awesome. :0) :) hehe!


nelsonjeneen said...

I am so glad you are pushing for a vaginal delivery! I had the OB's say the same thing too. BUT I was very frank and told them that I wanted a vaginal delivery and only in an emergency would we do a c-section. I ended up delivering in the OR just in case. Baby A came out head down (perfect) and then Baby B came out head down but turned. Baby B was slightly bigger than Baby A. They came quick, easy and no problems. I was the OB's easiest twin delivery EVER. So I know you can do it... plus you look like me. All baby!

Lorraine Ryan said...

Yay! We can't wait to meet them! Maybe we can come pick up a cousin or two (or three!) to come stay with us for a week as soon as school is out.

Caleb said...

great pictures of you all. That is quite the breakfast. It's good that you have a doctor who is willing to try. I had a vbac with Allison because I got a great doctor who was willing to try it. I knew that it might not work, but the willing to try and make it work really means a lot.