Friday, October 10, 2008

Happy Birthday John! (aka Daddy)

What could be under this greasy box?? No peeking, Daddy- it's your birthday cake!
In honor of our junk food-loving, sweet-toothed Dad that lives at our house, we went all out on his cake! Yes, that's chocolate cake with coconut pecan icing and to top it all off- donuts! Allison and Rebecca mixed, baked, decorated his cake all by themselves! We're proud of them for doing all this work for their Dad!
Opening gifts and cards- thanks everyone!
New vest for the cool weather...
What, oh what should we wash down the donuts and cake with?? C-milk, of course!

Tommy's ready!
Yes, he did! We're laughing here because Tommy blew out all the candles for his Dad!
Classic Ryan picture- (wide open mouth while eating picture.)
Let's have Dad's birthday again tomorrow!


Dugovic Domain said...

Hey! I would love love love to help with your family christmas card! That would be totally fun :) Cute pics! Kort LOVES making surprises for his dad too. Your kids are so darling!

Jen Nelson said...

The cake is awesome! The girls did a great job decorating!

Happy birthday John!

Marianne said...

I love the cake! Isn't it nice that he could get a cake he really loves? It looks like you guys had such a fun day!

Mary said...

John, that cake was MADE for you! Sweet, I love it, way to go girls!! Looks like a fun party, there's always something fun going on in your house! Love you!