Saturday, October 25, 2008

Week in review

MONDAY- It's amazing to think of all that happens in one family in one week!! Since I'm a little slow at posting lately, I wanted to post the last week in review. Above is Tommy's "new" room! Actually, just a new paint job. He moved into a bright yellow room when we moved to this house. We thought he needed something a little more "boyish." We think he really likes it!
TUESDAY- I went to a "training" just to volunteer with Allison's class. I had no idea, really, what I was getting into. They are participating in "JA Biztown"- the JA stands for Junior Achievement and it looks so fun! The training was on the top floor of the Gateway Discovery Museum. It's set up like a mini-town or community- the students go there on an all-day field trip and work at their jobs, collect paychecks, go to the bank, take out loans, pay for health insurance, etc.- All the fun things we adults get to do! It should be interesting and fun for the kids!
WEDNESDAY- You'll have to check on SATURDAY for the results of this day. Allison's activity day leader called at 12:30 p.m. to "remind" Allison that their Halloween party was today! That was news to me! I frantically got out the pattern and material we had picked out for her witch dress and went to town cutting and sewing. The result? Like I said, check out SATURDAY. I will say that I got finished at 4:00 p.m.-- about 5 minutes before Allison got home from school. (4 p.m. was also the time that the party started... that's cutting it a little too close!)

THURSDAY- Tommy earned all his "stamps" on his chart for being such a good boy and for being a perfect little potty user!! We frequent this dollar store a lot to reward the little guy. His favorite items are: pirate play sets, Spiderman cars, Spiderman flash cards (not to learn numbers, but to look at "the mean guys!"), he also thinks the plastic pirate knives and guns are cool, but they are off limits!

FRIDAY- This is Tommy at his Grandpa's office waiting for his flu shot. You can tell that he doesn't know that! I actually told him beforehand that he was going to get a "little poke" and he started freaking out a little bit. So I had to change the subject and pretend like I didn't know why we were there. Sorry, Tommy! He was brave and only cried for about 1/2 a minute!

We also took the kids to the 'Gale Museum' today and they loved it! I didn't even know it existed until the girls had their Peter Pan auditions there. They have mini rooms to depict life at the time of the settling of South Jordan. Perfect place to take kids- and best of all? FREE! Tommy is pretending to eat a plastic steak in this picture.

Becca's gathering eggs


Cute little house!

In the teepee.

SATURDAY- Ready to 'trunk or treat'! Like I said, we seem to celebrate Halloween all month long! The kids had a great time at this ward activity and I'm just happy that all their costumes came together and they like them! Happy Halloween (month) everyone!


Shelley said...

What a busy week! I love Tommy's room. That ABC border is really cute! And he has the exact same bed as Parker! I just added some pieces of wood to the posts and then painted it navy blue! :)

Gavin and Jill Collier said...

Wow, crazy week! You are so good at putting together cute costumes fast, gosh! Thanks for the encouragement too with Bailey, its just frustrating to wait, but I know she'll be here soon enough!

The Lewy's said...

I agree Halloween all month long is a little much! You must have learned well from Ms. Joan, she would be impressed with your sewing skills!

Lindsay said...

Wow! You are a great at whipping up the costumes. Cory told me last night he wants to dress up as the panda in Kung Fu Panda. So now I have to figure that out.

Lisa said...

What great posts Heather! I love Tommy's room, very cute! The costume turned out awesome and they all look so cute! :) What a busy week you have had!

jim said...

Heather, Tommy's room is so cute, like him AND THE COSTUMES, wow! Thanks for joining us that scary night!