Sunday, October 18, 2009

35 Things We Love About You!!

35 Things We Love About You!! (Thanks to Jill B. for this idea, :) I can't believe how many husbands turned 35 this last month!)

This is to John, who just celebrated his 35th birthday, the Daddy and husband in our little family.

1. The first thing you may notice about John when you meet him, is that he has a very personable way about him. He has a gift for talking with people, making them feel at ease and doing it confidently at the same time! I've been watching him do this for over 13 years now, and I still don't know how he does it! Maybe I'll learn, too.... someday.

2. You may also notice right away that he has an insta-grow beard. Poor guy, he used to get in trouble for not shaving on his mission! Trust me, I know, he shaves everyday. Those dark hairs in his beard area can always be seen. Don't worry, sweetie, I know the truth!

3. Fans. Those that know John know what I'm going to say. He loves to have a fan on all the time, but especially at night! He claims he cannot sleep without one. When the power goes out, we are in big trouble! That's when he seeks out his battery-powered fan. My count is that he owns around 6 fans. One for each room or each special kind of occasion! Lately, he's been turning two fans on right by his bed. My only question is, 'Why?'

4. This is from Rebecca: "I love how you say 'hot buttered popcorn!'" (This is an almost nightly treat at our house.)
5. John loves to aks the kids at dinner what their favorite thing was that day.

6. When I first met John, I thought, "No one is that nice." And I waited around to see if my prediction would come true. But, I still haven't seen a mean side to him! He doesn't have one, he really and truly is THAT nice.

7. John could have pursued music as a career, but felt that other occupations would be a better way to provide for his future family. He still has the skills of a professional drummer! He amazes me and I'm so happy that he loves music. He is a part of 2 bands and he also performed this last weekend for a High Priests' Party (extravaganza, to be exact)- in a Jazz trio (with no practice) and in a John Phillips Sousa band playing 'The Stars and Stripes Forever'!

8. John never swears.

9. John has always been a good example to me in always choosing wholesome entertainment.

10. John was made a high priest in 2001. He was 27 at the time and was called to be on the High Council. Ever since then, he gets some interesting looks and comments when he attends a new ward in the high priests group. Right now he's safe from all of that, he's been called to serve in Young Men's.

11. John loves a good hamburger. (He's tried to cut down to 2-3 a year, though. Way to go, John!)
12. John now drives a rattletrap car to work everyday, just because it was a cheap car and it's cheap on gas. (It does have A/C, however.)

13. John washes and vacuums both cars nearly every Saturday.

14. John watches a little bit of 'The Andy Griffith Show' nearly every night. I think we have 5 seasons on DVD.

15. His favorite episode of the Andy Griffith Show is 'The Pickle Story.'

16. John keeps our house stocked up on paper products: napkins, paper towels, paper plates, cups, and bowls.

17. John and I have the same length legs. He's all torso!

18. These are some memories of John from his Mom and Dad:

When you were very little you would squeeze your fists and do “grinders” with your teethy smile!
I took you to the grocery store, where a lady said to me, “She has the most beautiful hair”!
I couldn’t find you after school in Camp LeJeune, you and a few boys were behind the school crying because your teacher said she was getting married!
You called me in the middle of the night from Reno.
I was your companion.
You enrolled in 6 institute classes your freshman year at USU!
You always said, “Look Mom”, you wanted me to see everything you did!
One day driving in the car in San Diego, you said “The world is like a big Circus”!

19. This is from Allison: I got some presents from you on my 11th birthday that I specifically remember: pink nail polish and a huge pack of beads! It was so nice of you to get me a last minute great present for me on the night of my birthday.

20. Also from Allison: We went to dinner at T.J.I. Fridays, and you said that I better start eating, because I need to gain 40 pounds in two years! After dinner I said I was really full. Just as we were walking out of the restaurant, you said, “I think you gained a few pounds in there.” I know I said I was full, but not that full!! :) You are the best dad ever!

21. John first asked a roommate of mine on a date before he really noticed me. He was hanging out at our apartment one night and I for some reason was talking about how I love watching 'The Muppet Movie' when I was little. That's what got John's attention and I now attribute our getting together to this little green guy:

22. John likes most foods except for spinach, watermelon and pumpkin pie!

23. John loves to remind the young men that he works with is that it's cool to be good!

24. John served a faithful, but an eventful and unusual mission. He had 2 knee surgeries, served in 3 missions (transfer to stateside and mission split), under 3 mission presidents and 3 prophets (1993-1995)!

25. He supports me in whatever I do! Thanks a million!

26. He has always been a faithful home teacher.

27. John has a real sweet tooth, but I must say he's trying to control it more now. He loves cookies, candy and donuts! He also loves to frequent the day-old bakery area of the grocery store.

28. He's excellent at skiing on snow.

29. He's in a cheerful mood 99.99% of the time!

30. He's always willing to share the computer with Tommy. He'll put him on his lap and reduce the screen he's working on to 1/2 so Tommy can watch 'Sitting Ducks' or 'Scooby-Doo' on YouTube on another 1/2 screen.

31. He loves a hot cooked breakfast. He will make it about half the time for all of us. Bacon (turkey, of course), waffles and eggs!

32. He has a strong testimony of the prophets and of the gospel.

33. He loves to remind the girls about the silly things they would do and say when they were little. Becca liked to call salt and pepper 'the spicy one and the better one.'

34. He gets a little sad when he sees his kids growing up.

35. He is very generous and also has good taste. Every once in a while I will find new clothes hung in my closet, or the kids will find a new shirt on their beds. We love you, John! Thanks for being you!

(We're noticing we have a clear cut family clown emerging, can you guess who?)


Lindsay said...

That is cute! I'm still laughing at the spicy one and the better one! You've got a cute little family and an awesome hubby!

Shelley said...

It sounds like you are one lucky woman! :)

(And I have to sleep with a fan too...but just since I've been divorced. I would freak out all night long when I could hear every little sound!)