Thursday, October 1, 2009

Lessons learned from show 'n tell

Oops- this picture is a little crooked, but this is our handy dandy M&M dispenser. I think it's so cute and everyone probably has one.... but I thought it would be fun for Tommy to take this and the Halloween colored M&M's to school this week for show 'n tell.
We wrapped it up carefully and placed it in a bag. I said, "Tommy you can show everyone how the "machine" works and share M&M's with your friends!"
So off he went to school with the M&M's in their little machine.
When I picked Tommy up from school, he said, "Mom, I shared my M&M's with Spencer in my class!"
"Great, Tommy!" And I thought nothing of it.
So, I check his backpack and the M&M dispenser is not there. I thought that he might have left it in the classroom. It's not there. I find his teacher and she said he was holding the bag with the M&M's in it as they were getting ready to leave school. Huh?
(Oh!) "Umm, Tommy, did you give ALL the M&M's to Spencer?"
Whoops! I think I put a little too much emphasis on sharing with his friends! He gave the whole machine away! Not to worry, though, we did recover it yesterday afternoon. The office was kind enough to give us Spencer's number so that we could go and pick it up.
Wouldn't it be nice if we were all so innocent and sweet that we wouldn't care if we gave away even our nicest show 'n tell goodies? Thanks for making us laugh, Tommy!


Jenni said...

Thanks for a good laugh Heather! That is way too cute! What a sweet boy! And I don't have one of those cool M&M dispensers. How have I lived this long without one? Pretty handy! :)

Lindsay said...

Oh Tommy, he is so sweet. I'm sure lil' Spencer was thrilled:)

Alli said...

:) I remember.... Tommy hid behind mom after seeing her face.

Shelley said...

I want Tommy to share one of those with me! I have seen them before and they are so cute. And it sounds like you have done a good job teaching him about sharing!

the Lola Letters said...

Oh that is hilarious!!!

What a sweetie.

Crystal said...

That is so sweet! Could that boy be any cuter?!