Friday, October 23, 2009

FamilySearch success!

When Allison got her recommend to go to the temple, the bishop said we should take family names for the baptisms. GULP!? Who, us? "Well, okay, I'll try," I thought. The new family search was just opened up for our area. So, I decided to give it a go. Really, you cannot believe how easy it is to use! You've got to try it! There was actually work there for us to do and they let you know with little buttons, with icons on them that have an arrow pointing to the temple! This program could not be any easier. So, I found 13 women and 19 men to do work for in about a day and half, just off and on, here and there. It was so exciting! You print up their information at home, then take the print outs to the temple and it takes them about 5 minutes to print and cut the pink and blue cards for you! We whipped through the baptisms and confirmations, it will take a little bit longer to get through the rest. We're asking family to help us out there.
Anyway, I highly recommend you go to the website and set up an account, you'll be so happy to find work there you can do! Click here to check it out! Or go to:
(You do need your membership number- which can be found on your temple recommend and also your confirmation date- both these can be found through your ward clerk.)
Happy searching!

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:) The temple is cool!!! :P