Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas morning 2009

We like to take a few traditional pictures of our Christmas morning.... we always take a picture of the kids before they descend the stairs and see all the goodies Santa left out for them. (Poor Becca was sick on Christmas Eve, she was still really tired in this pic.)

And we always have the kids cover their eyes on their way down, maybe a little dangerous, but essential on Christmas morning! (I'm really liking that big curl on the top of my head.)
Just a couple of cute things the girls got. Matching sweaters from Santa.

And quilts by the elves. Rumor has it they put in a few late nights to get these finished! We had wonderful, simple Christmas this year!

And now onto the "Happy New Year!"

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jim said...

Thanks for sharing your Christmas morning, look how nice the quilts turned out! Happy New Year!