Wednesday, December 2, 2009

City trees and lights

This last weekend, we had a night in the city of Ogden! There are many beautiful things to see at Christmastime. We went to the annual Christmas Tree Festival, and that's where we met Santa. There's more to the story of the picture I posted last time. After we took the pictures, got the candy canes and chatted to Santa and Mrs. Claus for a little bit, we walked away and Tommy started crying like his heart had broken! :( We realized he didn't get to tell Santa what he wanted for Christmas! "Oh no, Tommy! You can always write Santa a letter!" Well, this wouldn't really do, he kept hugging me and crying. So... we backed up into the line again and told Santa that Tommy missed his turn to tell him what he wanted for Christmas. Santa listened to Tommy and then handed us a card to tell us that we could write to him and he would send us a picture of himself feeding Rudolph! The address.... well, it's top secret of course, but we're sending our letter to Harrisville!
Allison joined a children's choir a few months ago, "Kids Are Music" and they had their first performance last night at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building! Hey... we know someone that works there everyday!

Grandma Ryan!

The choir sounded beautiful and I'm so happy for Allison, she always performs with confidence and smiles! She got a small solo part singing "Holly Jolly Christmas" with two other girls.

We recorded a video for the family that won't be able to make it to the other performances. All the rest are in the Ogden area! And, lucky me, one of them is for our Relief Society Christmas Party! This song is so beautiful, titled "Adeste Fideles" and is mostly in Latin in case you're wondering what in the world they are saying! ;) (Allison is on the 2nd row, about 3rd from the left and has her hair pulled back in a bun.)


Jill Collier said...

How fun! Love these pictures, so pretty! Good job Alli!

Lindsay said...

Alli is so cute. We would love to come to a performance. Tommy is so cute. It would be sad to not tell Santa what you wanted:)

Jill said...

That WAS a pretty song. Good job Allison!

You are such a sweet Mom. I'm glad you got back in line to let Tommy talk to Santa. That's an adorable story with a good ending. :-)

Alli said...

I love singing in the choir. :) I can't wait to do another performance for our ward!!